One Major Sign of Bipolar Disorder

There are quite a few different symptoms of bipolar disorder. It’s one of the hardest mental illnesses to correctly diagnose and to make things a little more complicated modafinil buy uk there are several different forms of bipolar disorder (type 1 and 2 being the most well known). Keep on reading to find out about a telltale sign of bipolar disorder – a symptom which is most commonly associated with bipolar one disorder, which I suffer from myself.

Huge Bursts of Energy – A High of its Own

If you look to the former name of the illness you’ll find that bipolar was once known as manic depression. The symptom I am about to describe is right in the name. It’s known as mania and it is both a curse as well as a way to literally experience a high akin to recreational drugs like LSD, MDMA, and amphetamine. Mania, and this is keeping things very simple, is like a huge burst of energy that manifests in the brain itself.

This has been my experience with mania, however. Whenever I’ve felt manic it has been an experience of feeling completely energized and ready to take on the world. I also feel euphoric while experiencing a “manic attack” as some bipolar individuals describe it. Planning out my grandiose future for my life, vigorously taking on tasks of any kind, staying awake for a day or two, and feeling ready and willing to mingle with anyone and everyone are just a few of the things that come along with my manic mood swings.

Technically speaking, there are actually two forms of mania; full fledged mania and a lesser form of the symptom known as hypomania. A bipolar person who is hypomanic may feel a high of sorts but they will still have a grasp on reality. And this is why true mania can be very dangerous to the person undergoing the mood fluctuation, and those around them.

It’s also why not every person enjoys experiencing mania. While I may feel euphoric and high on a state of mind that beats any recreational drug experience, many others do not enjoy the symptom. It can be hell for a lot of people and you’ll find this on countless websites where people talk about their experiences with manic mood episodes.

The question to ask yourself if you think you might have bipolar disorder is, do you experience inexplicable bursts of energy from time to time?And furthermore, is there some sort of pattern to these abnormal mood episodes? If so, a mood disorder of some sort could fit the bill. However, as I mentioned earlier it is very difficult to diagnose this mental illness and doing the diagnostics by yourself isn’t exactly healthy. If you think it might be a genuine mental health problem then you’ll want to seek out a health professional.

Manic and on the Fringes of Reality

A person undergoing a severe manic episode will most likely be so caught up in the head space that it produces that they will be bordering or even entrenching on out right psychosis. This is why mania is a force to be reckoned with and why it is downright dangerous. It’s also why it is mental anguish like no other for many manic depressive individuals. You won’t reach this psychotic state if you have bipolar 2 disorder, it’s what separates bipolar 1 disorder from the other sub-types.

What exactly can happen when one is losing touch with reality when manic? For one, an individual may experience audio and visual stimuli that do not exist, commonly known as hallucinations. I’ve personally experienced this in the form of geometric patterns, something you would normally associate with psychedelic drugs. Someone entering a psychosis may also experience delusions. They may believe everyone is plotting to kill them or that they are the next coming of Jesus. Yes, full blown mania is insane to say the least.

You most likely aren’t experiencing delusional paranoia or horrific hallucinations if you are reading this right now, which believe me, is a very good thing. The point being made here is that mania is a dangerous game and it’s a huge indicator that someone is suffering from bipolar 1 disorder. Remember, if you think you are experiencing bipolar symptoms like the two described in this post (mania and its milder cousin, hypomania) then please seek out a qualified health professional.

Mania can induce enough stress on the mind to the point where drugs used to combat this symptom, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, are ineffective. It can get to the point, and unfortunately this happens to many, where a person experiencing a severe manic episode must be hospitalized and remain in patient for an extended period of time. Once mania really starts raging on it’s quite hard to put down, even with the help of powerful neuroleptics.

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